About our Units and Support Vehicles 

Each Mobile Chemotherapy Unit (MCU) is built on a Mercedes Benz chassis being a state of the art and bespoke design to our charity.

Our first MCU ‘Helen’, launched in 2007 was a world first. £265,000 is the charity cost to develop, build and maintain each MCU for a 4 year period.

Since 2007 we have saved patients over 2,000,000 miles and over 170,000 hours in travel and waiting time.

Each unit can treat up to 20 patients a day.

We provide a Nurses Support Vehicle (NSV) to each NHS Trust Partner, which allows the nursing teams to travel to and from the daily location of the MCU, along with any additional supplies or equipment that may be required.

The MCUs continue to be owned by Hope for Tomorrow, along with the NSVs.

The MCUs can visit up to 5 locations each week to give treatments, and these treatment locations are carefully chosen by the NHS Trusts based on where they can treat the most patients at any given point (subject to change).

Our MCUs are mobile which allows the NHS the flexibility of changing the treatment locations depending on where the patient need is greatest.

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