Chemotherapy in the Community Week

Celebrating our fourth annual campaign: Chemotherapy in the Community Week (CITC), we will be out and about in local communities nationwide between the 9th and 15th October, raising awareness of our Mobile Chemotherapy Unit (MCU) Project via fundraising events and social media campaigning.

Patients, supporters and our NHS partners throw themselves into helping to publicise the benefits of our MCUs to cancer patients. The MCUs drastically reduce the stress for cancer patients and their loved ones of driving long distances and enduring waiting times for chemotherapy treatment at main Oncology Centres.

A wide range of different cancers are treated on board our MCUs, including breast, gynaecological, haematology, lung, brain, skin, and urology. Chemotherapy in the Community Week offers people the chance to find out more about how they or their loved ones can be helped by the services offered on the MCUs.

We are in our tenth year of operation and through CITC Week we educate people on our services, demonstrating that our MCUs can treat all types of cancer and offer treatments including blood transfusions, PICC line flushing, injections and oral chemotherapy. Together with our NHS partners we want to show how much we care about the quality and individuality of chemotherapy treatment.

Download your supporter’s pack below, which contains the resources needed to help with fund – and awareness-raising activities, for further information email us here. You can also call us on 01666 505055. Hope for Tomorrow will help to promote your CITC event through social media.