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Cornwall Mobile Chemotherapy UnitOur 9th Mobile Chemotherapy Unit launched in Cornwall on the 8th May 2015, and was named "Dorothy' in memory of Hope for Tomorrow supporter David Richards CBE's late Grandmother. Initial treatment locations are Bodmin, Penzance and Helston. The team at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust who operate the Unit say that the County is extremely beautiful, but very rural with poor public transport, and that they anticipate the Unit significantly reducing the County's cancer patients' stress, anxiety and waiting times, in their Day Unit.


East Essex

East Essex Mobile Chemotherapy UnitWe are delighted to announce that our 11th Mobile Chemotherapy Unit has been allocated to Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust in East Essex, who will be the second NHS Trust Partner to receive one of our second generation Units (West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust being the first). The Unit will be named 'Maureen' in memory of a cancer patient and dedicated Hope for Tomorrow supporter, and will visit Tiptree, Clacton, Halstead and Stanway, with further treatment locations to be added as the service develops.

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East Kent

East Kent Mobile Chemotherapy Unit 'Caron'"Caron", our East Kent Mobile Chemotherapy Unit, currently visits Herne Bay, Dover and Ashford. This Unit launched in October 2013.

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Gloucestershire Mobile Chemotherapy Unit 'Helen'"Helen", our Gloucestershire Mobile Chemotherapy Unit, was the first launched in the world in 2007, and currently visits Cirencester, Cinderford, Stroud and Tewkesbury.

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Hampshire Mobile Chemotherapy Unit 'Amy"Amy", our Hampshire Mobile Chemotherapy Unit, currently visits Andover to give treatments, with further locations to be added to the service in the near future. This Unit launched in August 2012.

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Lincolnshire Mobile Chemotherapy Unit 'Elaine''Elaine', our Lincolnshire Mobile Chemotherapy Unit, is based at the Pilgrim Hospital Boston, and currently visits Grantham to give treatments, with further locations planned as the service develops. This Unit launched in May 2014.

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Somerset Mobile Chemotherapy Unit 'Bumble'"Bumble", our Somerset Mobile Chemotherapy Unit, visits Minehead, West Mendip, Bridgwater and Chard. This Unit launched in December 2010.

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West Suffolk

West Suffolk Mobile Chemotherapy Unit 'Frisbey'We are delighted that our 10th Mobile Chemotherapy Unit will launch in West Suffolk on Thursday 24th March 2016, at the West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds. The Unit has been named 'Frisbey' in memory of Patron Martin Brundle's late Grandmother, and will be operated by West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. Martin will launch the Unit for us, and it will initially visit Thetford to give weekly treatments, with further locations to be added as the service develops. This will be the first of our next generation Units to go into operation in the UK.

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South Wiltshire Mobile Chemotherapy Unit 'Kayleigh'We now have 2 MCU's in operation throughout Wiltshire. Our North Wiltshire Mobile Chemotherapy Unit "Linda" works out of Great Western Hospital Swindon, and launched on 29th September 2014. This Unit currently visits Calne, Moredon and Marlborough each week. "Kayleigh", our South Wiltshire Mobile Chemotherapy Unit, currently visits Fordingbridge, Westbury, Shaftesbury (/Gillingham) and Ludgershall. This Unit launched in May 2012. Click the buttons below to read more about these Units...

North Wiltshire MCU South Wiltshire MCU