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    In a unique partnership with NHS Trusts, together we're bringing cancer treatment closer to home for patients.

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In a unique partnership, Hope for Tomorrow funds, builds and maintains well equipped, state of the art Mobile Chemotherapy Units (MCU's), and provides these to our NHS partners to operate with their fully qualified staff. Here we've provided answers to some frequently asked questions regarding how our partnership with the NHS Trusts works.

NHS Partnerships Mobile Chemotherapy Units


The Partnership and Associated Benefits

How Does Hope for Tomorrow Work With the NHS?
We provide Mobile Chemotherapy Units to NHS partners, along with a Nurses Support Vehicle (NSV), all at no capital cost to the NHS.


What are the Benefits of Partnering with Hope for Tomorrow?
Hope for Tomorrow are not service providers. We are a national Charity that provides capital equipment to NHS partners to improve the lives of those living with cancer. We designed, built and launched the world's first Mobile Chemotherapy Unit, and have been working in partnership with the NHS and as a result, increasing their capacity since 2007.

Partnership with NHS Trusts - Mobile Chemotherapy Units


How are the Vehicles Branded?
Each Mobile Chemotherapy Unit and Nurses Support Vehicle displays both Hope for Tomorrow and NHS branding with equal prominence.

Who Owns, Maintains and Taxes the MCU and NSV's?
We retain ownership of, and tax the MCU's and NSV's, and also continue to service and maintain both, along with the standard equipment that we supply on board the Unit.


NHS Partner Responsibilities

Who Staffs, Operates and Insures the Vehicles?
Nurses Support Vehicle - NHS PartnershipEach NHS partner is responsible for fully staffing, operating and insuring the Unit, along with the Nurses Support Vehicle.

What Staffing Does the NHS Partner Need to Provide?
Two trained and qualified chemotherapy nurses typically operate the service and each NHS partner will also be required to provide an HGV qualified driver for the Unit, along with a back-up driver to cover holidays and absence, who will both be given familiarisation training by Mercedes-Benz in the operation of the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit.


How Does the NHS Partner Liaise with Hope for Tomorrow?
We expect each NHS partner to identify a key member of planning staff who will liaise with us as a project partner, as well as a dedicated manager for the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit.

NHS Partnerships - Mobile Chemotherapy Units


What Else is the NHS Partner Responsible for?
Each NHS partner will be responsible for the supply of any additional equipment outside of the standard Unit specification, along with the normal daily maintenance and running costs of the latter, and also any charges with respect to the Unit's siting and daily operation (e.g. parking charges and electricity supply, plus fuel for both the MCU and NSV).


Fundraising & Building Awareness

How is the NHS Partner Involved?
Hope for Tomorrow expects each NHS partner to support fundraising activities, in raising awareness within the community of the Charity's aim of bringing cancer treatment closer to home.


Registering Your Interest

If you are interested in operating one of our Mobile Chemotherapy Units and would like to find out more, please get in touch with Tina Seymour in our NHS Operations Department, either by completing and submitting the above contact form, by calling Tina on (01666) 505055, or via email to tinaseymour@hopefortomorrow.org.uk.


We look forward to hearing from, and potentially working with you.


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Pictured above (top to bottom): Two brand new Mobile Chemotherapy Units and a Nurses Support Vehicle on display at one of our Charity Polo Days. Patient Diana Rose on board "Helen", our Gloucestershire MCU, chats to a member of the NHS team. An interior shot of one of our new Units. Another of our Nurses Support Vehicles, and a brand new Unit visiting Cirencester Hospital in the Cotswolds.